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Thought I'd share a debate :p

Kirby's wife rant: ok im ganna go on a little rant for a sec...i dont do this often so bear with me...Steve Jobs, i get it he died and everybody is very sad. But what about the people that are out there dying everyday? i dont see people posting anything about the children going to bed hungry and dying of starvation, or see people sad about the people getting killed every day fighting overseas to protect their country. Steve Jobs was just another rich man, and im not knocking him or anything cuz i know anything about him. But i care more to mourn the hungry children and the killed military personnel.

Me: Reality is sad, ignorance is bliss. No need to get mad at the people who still mourn a man who revolutionized technology for mankind! People still Mourn Michael Jackson... I'll mourn Sean Conery when he passes (that will be one sad day for me... no joke)... just how it is. These people touch the lives of everyone who knows they exist... which happens to be a large chunk of society. That small starving child and that soldier... touch the lives who know they exist... which is not quite as many.

Torres: Wow really Dennis?
Keep your ignorance and your bliss, I wouldn't want to mourn a man that in reality just did something for himself and paid out big, yet the soldiers do something that is selfless and what they do pays out for every ones freedom. Tread lightly we are many that keep you few safe.

Me: I am just stating my opinion. No disrespect... just giving my point of view! And Steve Jobs along with Bill Gates worked in their parents garage and tinkered with electronics and computers to build something amazing. Like a lot of famous inventors, they didn't sit there thinking... "OMG I am going to make something that is going to make me filthy stinking rich" That usually comes after the tears and joys of creating something revolutionary and wanting the world to be a part of it. I respect Inventors. OUR nation thrives on them, and was founded by many. I don't have an iphone or ipod, but I know a lot of people who would be lost without one these days. This and many other technology go back and help out our men in uniform too. Makes their lives better and safer. Brings more of our men back home to us.

AND my husband is military, I respect ALL military. My dad is retired Navy and half my friends are marines and and Army. Their work and sacrifice directly effect me, and what they do protect the world we live in, but the truth of the matter is, the people who do no know my husband, my dad, and my friends, don't bother to care. That is, unless somehow their stories are released by the news, which I read everyday and rarely hear anything. There was a story a while back about a fallen soildier and his dog that wouldn't leave the side of his coffin. I cried my butt off! ! !

But if I were to sit here and look up the obituary for every single soldier and child that dies under horrible circumstances... every day... and mourn those people... I'd probably put a pistol to my head eventually.

SO pray for them when you think about them, live happily and be sad thought free when you don't.

Life is swell

I don't hop on LJ as often as I should really, but there is really maybe... 2 or 3 people that keep up with it once in a blue moon, so posting about things going on seemed useless. BUT I feel an update everyone once and a while is good right? right!

Lately I've reset my mindset. Screw trying to eat less and manage my calories... instead... I'm AWARE of my calories and watching what I eat, but not concerning myself with everything. Instead I am adjusting my week's schedule of drawing and sitting around, to, getting out more and doing an activity or two at the gym. Sometimes I can't make but one activity at the gym, but even that is helping.

The gym's scale is depressingly accurate. And since I've started this slightly more active lifestyle... i've dropped 2 solid pounds. My scale likes to lie to me and say i'm lighter then I am... :( So a motivator is going in to see my weight. :3

Sometimes for Michael's PT he just needs to be in the Gym doing something, so we play racketball :D Yoga is mondays and wed. and is very good. Water Aerobics I started REAL recently... (this week) and it's fun so I'm gonna try to do it at least once a week.

I'll be back to my weight in no time :D ! It's exciting.

No Job, Just Boredom.

Keeping the house pretty clean everyday is easy yes, but it really leaves me with so much time to do nothing. I need to get a job. Michael's promotion has made me feel more entitled to clean and keep a nice house for him. I feel he deserves alot more of the spoiled life.

I want to do commissions, but I know as soon as I start, no one will commission me. I just don't have enough people looking at my DA site. I need to promote myself better, but finding sites to promote myself on for free are hard. Gaiaonline works, but it's the same people looking at my stuff really. I don't feel i'm good enough to put my stuff on super good websites... or some really harsh websites (4chan).

I might finish this painting up and try to sell it. I am pretty sure i'm selling my Daisy Painting too. Might post it on E-bay and/or Craigslist. I have high standards for my work though. Probably my downfall.

Mood Swings

This might be TMI for people... you were warned...

But last few days went like this...

First day... I'm boooooooreeeddd... draw draw.. booooooorrrreeed. sleep.

Next... I'm booooored... temper tantrum (i'm 26)... booooooored... frustratedness

Next... I'm booooored... clean clean... draw... headache... BOOOOORED TANTRUM

Today... feeling good.... making good lunch for hubby... Friend asks me to go out :D... Home... Husband home... ANGRY BEAR... TANTRUM... ANGRY... CRYING (< no reason really either)... Dinner... Feeling better... ANGER ANGER ANGER... feeling alright... feeling good... FRUSTRATED ANGRY BEAR... wow time.. okay again... and now eating pickles and cookies with kool aid. o_o

I'm either gonna have some crazy ass period soon... or when I drop my birth control... I'm gonna find out i'm pregnant.

Draw Draw Draw...

I am drawing alot right now. Sketches, doodles, line work. And it all seems the same. So today I did a bunch of gesture drawings to sorta loosen up and maybe get some new ideas. I see improvement in every drawing, but others don't. They see the same thing. bleh!

I did 3 minutes of 30 second gestures and 11 minutes of 60 second gestures. They are crap. But i guess gestures are supposed to be when you aren't a pro. Bleh.

I am starting commissions soon on my DA. Mostly to fund my supplies. I am slowly getting copic markers and It's going very very slowly... bleh!

Apartment Inspection

Top rack of my dishwasher doesn't clean so I have to fill the bottom, and then hand wash all my dishes. I don't want or like to hand wash...so the dishes have backed up ALOT.

This inspection isn't like a "how clean is everything..." type deal... it's a maintenance inspection. But I want them to see a clean home. Aside from the kitchen it is all done, but the kitchen will take me an hour minimum. BLARG.

On the plus side... when it is done, this house is going to look amaaaazing! ! ! I'm looking forward to it.

I'm not 100% sure if ANYONE reads LJ anymore... but just in case... i've been on a drawing kick lately. And will post them for the people who don't visit my DA site.

Drawrings :3Collapse )

I'm a whole mix of emotions atm

But I am going to rant. I'd do a small post about it on facebook, but it's about some of the other wives and I don't want them being directly insulted. I am peeved with them.

So here's the deal. I was stuck here for 3 months with NO ONE to talk to or go to for a friend here in Abilene. I was also very sick for 2 of those months and recovering that last. It was aweful and a friend here would have been nice during that time. Well no. ALL the wives decided to either visit family or move. visiting.. i understand... it's hard when your husband is gone and it's a good excuse to go bother the family for a while (if they are far away). But moving?!?! 

So after 3 months my friend Brianna returns. YES... finally... we are like bread and butter now. We only really have each other to fall back on here in Abilene. Our closest friends and family are 4 1/2 and 6 hours away.

Now the thing about Brianna is that she has a truck AND an element. Two very roomy things to move things in. :/ All the other wives who moved away knows she has a truck and are slowly asking for favours from her. She is sooooo nice and a bit of a pushover towards her friends and I feel bad for her... These wives are waiting to come home till the last freakin MINUTE! Or even ... two of them are waiting until they've come home already. How fair is that for the husbands? "welcome back from your 6 months of hell... now lets find a house and move in..." :( Not very fair. Two wives I know are doing this. WHile another is waiting to move back here 5 days before the boys get home...and she is asking brianna for help moving in.

Now the reason it irks me soooo much. All three of these wives moved home with the family for free. They are collecting deployment money (400 at least) and bah (1000-1100) plus whatever kids they have (100-200 per kid). PLUS thier normal pay. No bills for 6 months. THat's 8k in their pocket for the entire deployment. Instead of inlisting our broke asses to help... use your FORTUNE made and hire some movers. The one moving back right before they get back actually makes 3k a month on her own... plus her husbands 3-4k a month... she is loaded. :/

maybe I've mooched off of people too much in the past...and it hits a sore spot for me to rely on other people, but if I were these people, I'd come back at the beginning of January, hire some movers to move things from storage (100 bucks... MAYBE 200...chump change concidering the amount they have saved in 5 months)... and I'd NOT bother the other wives for help.

One of the wives and her husband has asked both michael and brianna's husband to help out when they all get back...

Well screw that... i'm gonna spend the whole 2 weeks with my husband having a good time, not helping these very irresponsible people move into a new place cause they were too lazy to do it earlier.

Now I'd help if they came back early January. My time preparing for michael to come home isn't going to be as important then, but no... they are all waiting till the last minute or AFTER the fact.

grr grr grr

Learn to be responsible! ! ! And really... take care of your husbands by being prepared ahead of time. One month of being alone wont kill you...esspecially with your friends here!

Being alone for 3 months was miserable, but I did it!


I hate not knowing if this is caused by smoke, a cold or the flu. It's getting a smidge better, but it's not good enough. My throat stopped hurting, but the pressure in my sinus is painful and uncomfortable. I think it's a sinus infection... if it is... it'd explain the fever...and it WAS caused by cigarette smoke... if it's a cold... dunno who the fuck gave it to me.. no ones been sick but bob, but he had nasuea ... i don't... i've only ever had the flu like once or twice... they lasted one and two days. :/ Colds don't phase me... and i've had a sinus infection once... so that's why i guess it is one. :/

UGH I hate it.

/back to sleep


Working Out / Holidays

Since my friend Brianna has come back to Abilene, I've been busy busy busy. Working out 2-3 times a week with her is crazy and intense. I'm finding I LOVE boxing. So I might start taking more of the advanced boxing classes. At first those classes really kicked my butt, but they are getting easier. The last class we went to we did a regular boxing work out type deal, and we did new things that made me sweat like a pig...and it was a good work out, but I find I can do more of the work outs instead of stopping and resting. It's pretty awesome.

Today though I feel like i'm getting sick. I feel groggy. Btwn the eyes there is some pressure... and my throat feels icky. Like i'm GOING to be sick, but i'm not quite there yet. Drinking lots of water and eating good so I can hopefully pass this on without getting full blown thick.

OH and another cool thing... with this constant work out.. My metabolism is speeding up. I can already tell. I hear my food and feel it moving through faster :3 I've only lost 2 pounds or so since i started this stuff like almost a month ago, but I think it's also me gaining muscle in the process. :3 I'm dieting along with the intense work out. 1100 calories a day. Sometimes I do go over, but it's okay.

I'm so busy, it's crazy. Working out, running around with Brianna, and i'm going to austin for almost a week this week, then in December I have a concert to go to with some of the wives, Cataclysm is coming out, going to devote a ton of time to that, then me and Brianna are going to organize each other's homes... then have a fun sleep over with the wives... then it's to Austin for a good week and a half or more. Then In January there is talk of a trip to San Antonio (i probably wont go)... plus getting ready for the hubbies. Some of the wives will be returning and might require our help as well. Of course I might not help. Personally... they left abilene to be with family and make butt loads of money from BAH AND the deployment money... so they can hire a moving company to do their work. I wouldn't expect help from everyone if I had done the same thing. Of course next deployment I might move out of here and move in with Brianna or find a roomate to save some money. Or if it's a year long deployment, I will probably pack up and head to Austin. But luckily the Airforce is great and doesn't deploy people for a year unless they've skipped out on 2 4-6 month deployments. Phew on that one.

Glad my Soul Mate was in the Airforce and not the marines or army. ugh.

Anyway, time to go laydown and nap, sleep, drink, and keep warm. The sickness feeling is getting heavier.

Livejournal dieing for me?

I guess it is. No one really posts here anymore...so it's dieing for me. I'm sad to see it go. I've had this thing for sooooooooooo long. Well i wont get rid of it, i'll just post when I remember I suppose.

An Update for now >:3

I'm all better. Doctors found I have gastritis and reflux. So i'm on prescription strength Prilosec. Yay being old and growing up. I am back to normal.

I got christmas gifts for the in laws and rachel over seas. I'm so happy about what I got.. i'm just afraid that michael's brother will be stubborn and hateful and reject the gifts. He didn't for his wedding stuff though. If worse comes to worse I'll force the gifts on him and his family by his uncle. He will force them to take them. His brother is so annoyed and childish. Selfish too. Who disowns family over something stupid. I havn't talked to my close and dear cousin in TEEEEEN years and i still love her. I love all my family. I can go 3 years without talking to my brother and we'd get right back on track and we'd still love each other. We're like best friends now. Who'd have thunk it right?

I figure i'll just be nice, send gifts ... make his children happy... and he'll warm back up. Cause really... who can NOT love family who takes good care of (spoils) your children?

And I spent alot of time searching and thinking of good gifts for him his stepdaughter, his baby, and his wife. He was the hardest to shop for. :x But i got something prettttty cool.

I got uncle bill his stuff, mom in law, boyfriend to the mom in law... and all the boxes and wrapping stuff i need. The wrapping is sooooooo pretty. I'm jealous of it >:3
In other news... next weekend I will be going to denton to visit briana and heather finally. My friend Brianna here is going to watch Indy for me. :x I'm hesitant to leave him ;_; he's my like... i dunno what the word is. xP

Tomorrow Brianna and her roomate genel are coming over to watch ironman2 on my new tv. The house is still pretty messy :x i'm gonna have alot to do when I wake up xP I am completely reorganizing the closet and filing cabinet so the computer room will be closed off >.> Nooooo one will be coming in here. >.>

The tv looks amaaaazing >:3 I mean like... AMAZING. I am so proud to have nice things.

I'm gonna explain something... it's weird... I don't understand it really. As a military wife...there is alot of pressure to have kids to be a part of the group. Well some pressure. In germany it was hard to talk to the neighbors... nothing in common... at all. :/ They were all "kids this" "kids that" and i was kind of left telling stories of how i was when i was a kid :/ cause that's all i got.

Now here's what I don't understand. These people with one two...even three freakin kids... same rank or lower then michael... they have nicer things then we do. D: And we save for EVERYTHING. The only thing I can think of is that they do NOT have a savings... and they finance everything they get. :/ I guess michael and I are at a disadvantage because we have a retirement plan (3-400 a month) 250 into an account we don't see... and 2-400 to our regular savings... :/ that's what goes towards nice things, but it's also emergencies... like vet visits... and trips to austin xP. So it doesn't always go up as fast as I would like ... some paychecks we aren't able to put anything in...

But if we had a kid.... omgosh less into our untouched savings... less into our tsp, the difference will go into a college fund, and that extra into savings for emergencies and nice things would go towards the baby. :x it'd take a very very long time to save up for things.

So why i'm happy I don't have kids, traveling is easier, life is easier, I can obtain nice things till I am ready to have a kid...

You know... speaking of live desires... not sure why... but school can take it's time. I'd like to be a teacher eventually, but I'd like to just be more crafty, patient and become good at all the little things that make good moms. :D like costume making, cooking, baking, crafts, teaching when they are young... maybe i'll teach art on the side... like have my own small classes that people sign up for and bring thier own materials (oh wait that's college... har har har) Maybe volunteer at a high school or middle school to sponsor an after school art club or something.

More then anything in this world.. i want to be a good mother. Weird how priorities change huh?